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Six Apple Summit 2020

By VIPKid  |  May 26, 2020

Earlier this month, we hosted the first-ever virtual Six Apple Summit for 300 teachers in the Opal layer of the Six Apple program. Teacher attendees were joined by VIPKid staff from Beijing and the US and special guests for keynote speeches, breakout sessions, a Chinese class, and more. We heard from Co-Founder Jessie Chen, Chief Academic Officer Professor Liu, LP leader Benjamin Lu, Community leader Kevyn Klein, and of course, Dino! Unlike traditional webinars, this virtual event also included opportunities to network fellow teachers and VIPKid staff in two-minute, one-on-one “speed” meetings.

Here’s what teachers had to say about the Six Apple Summit:

“For a first-time event it is a great inexpensive alternative to a face-to-face event. It allows more teachers to connect with the workings of the rest of the company.”

“It was great! Absolutely fun, and I was brave enough to step outside of my comfort zone and connect with other teachers. Thank you.”

All proceeds from ticket sales went to Save the Children, an organization focused on helping children in unsafe households, protecting and preparing doctors and health clinics in refugee camps, and supporting distance learning in the face of school closures. 

Six Apple is a special program for teachers that allows them to earn rewards and move through different gemstone layers. We’ve partnered with companies that believe in our mission to offer unique products and services. Through these partnerships, we’re able to offer bigger discounts, webinars, and online classes.  Thanks for joining us, Opal teachers, and keep an eye out for our next virtual event!

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