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Impressing judges with its innovative culture, VIPKid is recognized in this category as one of five global leaders across various industries.

August 4, 2021


More than 3,000 online English teachers tuned in for a day-long virtual event about building connections and best practices in the new paradigm of online education

December 8, 2020


Research findings demonstrate an increase in English language proficiency across VIPKid Major Course levels as measured by TOEFL Primary® tests

November 16, 2020


Innovative Online Classroom Model Will Expand Opportunities for Live-Streaming English and Mathematics Classes

January 10, 2020


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VIPKid in the News

The COVID-19 pandemic has battered economies worldwide and left millions of people searching for work. But a few industries have beaten the odds by actually growing significantly during this turbulent period – including one that is satisfying the supply and demand between China and America – English learning.

March 7, 2021


The pandemic has brought challenges and opportunities to many industries. The online education industry enjoyed a major boost last year since more parents and students adopted e-learning as many schools were closed to contain virus transmission.

March 1, 2021


10th annual BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands ranking highlights a decade of brand value growth and changes in consumer priorities

October 15, 2020


VIPKid Founder and CEO, Cindy Mi, was named in Fortune Magazine's annual selection of the world’s most influential young people.

September 2, 2020


Now more than ever, businesses of every kind, from every industry, must innovate to survive and thrive.

July 29, 2020


Remote jobs are booming across America as more companies are flexible with telecommuting. These are the top companies for working from home in 2020.

January 14, 2020


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