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VIPKid Six Apple Just Got a Whole Lot More…Everything!

By VIPKid  |  January 13, 2020

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Global partners, dozens of new perks, and a brand new Six Apple page for you to explore.

Six Apple started as a simple card to help teachers take advantage of local benefits. But with over 90,000 teachers now supported by the VIPKid platform, we got to thinking a little bigger. And by a little, we mean A LOT bigger of course!

As teachers started raving about their savings, we asked ourselves: how do we give them more? Is it really about discounts at a local store? If these are perks for teachers building their online teaching businesses, can they include financial wellbeing, further education, or even health?

The answer was yes, yes, and absolutely.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce the brand new Six Apple! A layered system of perks with loads of new partners, including Amazon Business, TurboTax Self-Employed, Abenity, and more!

In addition to the host of new perks, we’ve launched a brand new page in the Teacher Portal for you to easily explore and take advantage of Six Apple. We’ll also be working with our various partners to provide webinars and a range of blog posts so that you can learn even more about how the various perks can benefit you.

What’s that? Perks that are made easy to understand and redeem? You better believe it!

So how does it all work? 


The new Six Apple includes four layers of perks, accessible through points accumulated in four distinct areas. The more points you have in a season, the more layers you can access – meaning even more perks available for you to enjoy. Full details on layers, points and seasons are available on the Six Apple page in the Teacher Portal.

But we can’t possibly leave you without so much as a hint as to what’s in store. That would be cruel. So here’s a sneak peek of the layers and just some of the many opportunities to be found in each:

Amber. Amber will be available to all teachers that want to participate (meaning if you’re a VIPKid teacher, you already have access to all the perks in this layer). It includes access to eHealth – an online marketplace for health insurance – giving you more tools to take control of your well-being

Jade. If you’re an avid discount seeker (aren’t we all?), then Jade is a dream come true with access to Abenity. If you know nothing about Abenity, all you need to remember is that it includes over 300,000 discounts, coupons and special offers in over 10,000 cities. Yup.

Sapphire. We know how busy (and frugal) teachers are, so for Sapphire, we’re eliminating a trip to the store, keeping shipping fees in your pocket, and saving you money on items for your classroom with Amazon Business. Your next round of props is just a click away!

Opal. Finally, for those of you on a real mission to keep your finances in order, the Opal layer includes access to a whopping 70% discount on TurboTax Self-Employed software that you can’t get anywhere else.

Full details of the new Six Apple are available in the Teacher Portal. For now, we hope this gives you something to look forward to as we continue to add new partners and find ways to help you succeed in your journey online!

Apply to be a teacher today and take advantage of the Six Apple perks.

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