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Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

By VIPKid  |  April 27, 2021

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In case you haven’t heard, May 3, 2021 is the start of Teacher Appreciation Week. We want to say to all of our teachers around the world – you ROCK! The past year has been a challenge for everyone, especially teachers. But through those difficult circumstances, teachers everywhere stayed invested in students’ education. You continued to put in the extra effort to make sure students didn’t fall behind. The work that teachers put in on a daily basis doesn’t go unnoticed, this year in particular.  If it were up to us, every week would be Teacher Appreciation Week!

To traditional classroom teachers, tutors, VIPKid teachers, online educators, and everyone else involved in education – we appreciate you! If it weren’t for teachers, the world wouldn’t be the place that it is today. So from the team at VIPKid and on behalf of students everywhere, we want to say thank you!

Helping Teachers Help Teachers

At VIPKid, our mission is simple: we aim to serve students and give educators opportunity. We believe online education is at its best when students are inspired and teachers are empowered. With the help of our VIPKid teachers and teachers around the world, we’ve created the world’s largest online teaching community. Through that community, teachers have the opportunity to gain high-quality teaching experience, grow their personal and professional networks, and access to thousands of VIPKid workshops and community events.

Last year, teachers and students around the world were thrown into the unknown with the sudden and forced adoption of online education. But for VIPKid teachers, the transition into distance learning was nothing new, so VIPKid teachers have been sharing their expertise here on our blog and on social to help their fellow teachers cope. 

Even as schools begin to return to the physical classroom, online teaching remains an essential skill to enhance their lessons and student experience.

We will continue to empower teachers and provide experience that they can translate not only to the VIPKid platform, but to the education community as a whole.

VIPKid’s Teacher Appreciation Week Celebration

To show our appreciation for our awesome online English teachers, we’ve put together events and activities for you to enjoy throughout the week. There are live shows for VIPKid teachers to enjoy, online sessions to participate in, and even a few games to go out and compete in. These events have a limited number of spots available, so don’t miss out!

Head to our VIPKid Teacher Appreciation Week hub!

We’re also hosting a giveaway on Facebook Live on Friday, May 7. All VIPKid teachers are welcome to join! To be entered in the giveaway, complete the entry form located in the Teacher Appreciation Week Hub by Thursday, May 6 at 12pm PST.

Additionally, VIPKid is offering a limited time discount for our Six Apple Cards in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers can use this card for discounts at participating locations like Target, Michael’s, and local eateries! Existing VIPKid teachers can find the card by going to the Six Apple Program page, and click on “Six Apple Card” under the “Lifestyle & Local Discounts” section. The deal runs from May 3 to May 5, 2021.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at our Teacher Appreciation Week events! Let’s celebrate together!


Are your students doing anything special for Teacher Appreciation Week? We want to see it! Share it with us on Instagram @thevipkidlife.

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