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VIPKid is ranked as #9 on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2020. VIPKid's mission is, “to inspire and empower every child for the future.” 

December 13, 2019


It’s estimated that there are over 50 million people actively studying Mandarin, and in 2010 there were 700,000 non-Chinese speakers that took the Mandarin proficiency test – an increase of over 700% in just 5 years. Now may be the perfect time to learn Chinese online. There are about 6,500 spoken languages in the world […]

November 28, 2019


****Calling all VIPKid teachers! You can be a part of something big. For every 500 classes taught or every dance video submitted here by 11/20/2019, a lifesaving nutrition packet will be donated to a malnourished child (keep reading for more info). VIPKid teachers “get active and give back” through UNICEF Kid Power. Today, we added […]

November 18, 2019


Work when and where you want. Earn $15-$22/hr.

Thanks to a host of unusual qualities, like angelic-levels of patience and the ability to command the attention of thirty plus kindergarteners, teachers are suited to side hustles almost by design. But with more and more options coming out of the woodwork, it can be tricky pinning down the side job that makes the most […]

November 12, 2019


Teaching online is already a rapidly growing profession. Here’s why you should consider virtual teaching the perfect opportunity (which is a whole lot of fun too) if you’re on the hunt for a side job. Looking for side jobs isn’t exactly a top 10 activity. It’s exhausting. There are always trade-offs, and let’s be honest… […]

September 25, 2019


One of the core beliefs and guiding principles here at VIPKid is that education—as both a pursuit and philosophy—is indeed a learning process. From new technologies to new observations, we believe contemporary teachers are always adapting to keep pace with an ever-changing world and worldview. And while the basic tenants of study remain the same, […]

June 12, 2019


Last weekend, VIPKid was thrilled to join the 10th annual China Education Symposium at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For two days, we gathered together with over 400 participants passionate about education and China to hear from prominent speakers in academia and organizations from the U.S. and China. “As the earliest and most well-known […]

April 18, 2019


Last Saturday, on March 10th, nearly 300 teachers gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Little America Hotel for VIPKID’s first-ever regional conference, Journey. From keynote speakers to a swag store to team-building activities and Friday night meetups, Journey created many opportunities to connect and engage within our VIPKID community. The event kicked off […]

March 12, 2018