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A Guide to Teaching English for Beginners

By VIPKid  |  August 12, 2020

If you’ve been thinking about teaching English in the classroom or online, you’ve come to the right place. To succeed in it, you’ll need some basic knowledge of the ESL essentials, teaching skills, and how to compose yourself while juggling everything in between. We want to make sure you’re set up for success and ready to teach young learners. This Teaching Essentials Blog Series looks at some tools-of-the-trade for online ESL instruction. In it, we explore a few key concepts and dive into what makes them indispensable to our teachers. 

At VIPKid, we’re enthusiastic about education from the moment we wake up (ok, after our coffee), and we strive to make it fun and accessible for all. Our reward is seeing the smiles on the faces of thousands of teachers and students on our platform. They are why we come to work every day. And why more than 100,000+ teachers are teaching English online to students around the world. Enough about us and why we’re the right place to talk about this matter. Here’s your guide:

ESL essentials

  1. TPR & Physical Modeling 
  2. Repetition
  3. Teacher Output: Developing Clear and Confident Speaking
  4. Supplementary Tools
  5. Positive Correction Feedback Part 1, Part 2
  6. ESL Topics and Questions for Students
  7. The Silent Period
  8. Input Hypothesis
  9. How to Prepare a Thorough ESL Curriculum 

Teaching Skills

  1. Lesson Objectivity: Using Backward Design 
  2. Classroom Reward Systems 
  3. How Teachers Adapt to Different Students
  4. Student Behavior


  1. Attitude and Rapport: Making Students Feel Comfortable
  2. Setting up your Classroom on a Budget

Teaching English comes with its own set of challenges, responsibilities, and needs that must be met. Sure, we understand there are different teaching styles that can be adjusted to the needs of the individual student, but the most efficient way to help students learning a new language is patience and confidence. Good luck and happy teaching!

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