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VIPKid Workshops: Level-Up Your Teaching Skills

By VIPKid  |  May 15, 2019

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Teachers on the VIPKid platform will find endless resources at their fingertips to improve their teaching skills. Today, we want to share a small sneak peek at what the VIPKid universe has to offer teachers who are looking to learn what the world of online teaching is all about: innovative ESL techniques, how to market themselves to parents, or how to connect with students through the screen. Whether you are considering applying to VIPKid or are a current teacher who hasn’t explored our workshops yet, read on to learn more about the exclusive education opportunities we offer to our teachers – all for free!

For both new and veteran teachers, workshops provide valuable knowledge and skills. VIPKid currently offers more than 100 workshops every month taught by experts and fellow teachers, which means teachers are sure to find a topic and time that works best for their schedule. While workshops don’t need to be taken in a specific order, VIPKid provides an optional roadmap for new teachers to follow as they learn the ropes of online teaching. It suggests possible workshops in the first few weeks of their new teaching adventure. Workshops include topics such as:

  • Student Engagement
  • Teaching Letters, Sounds and Correcting Errors
  • Adapting to Students’ Different Learning Styles
  • Writing Effective Feedback
  • Maximizing Student Output

For example, in the Student Engagement workshop, a mentor discusses how online teachers can differentiate their engagement strategies for students at different proficiency levels. How do you engage a student with lower English proficiency versus a student with higher English proficiency? Teachers might need to utilize more non-verbal methods for a student with lower proficiency than with a student who has higher proficiency. Mentors discuss specific strategies for engagement too, such as setting up and using a reward system. Teachers also have the opportunity to share other tips and techniques with one another too.

For veteran teachers, leading workshops is another way to expand their skills and develop professionally. Workshops are run and led by experienced VIPKid teachers who have honed their online teaching skills and have a special interest in sharing their knowledge with the broader community.

As a significant number of workshops are offered daily, the workshops are run in relatively small groups where fellow VIPKid teachers are able to share their ideas and experiences also. While VIPKid teachers all come to the platform with prior experience in teaching, these workshops exclusive to VIPKid teachers help orient teachers to the world of online teaching. We created workshops to benefit VIPKid teachers and we love hearing their feedback.

  • Teacher Laura: “Workshops keep me moving forward and growing as a teacher. I have lots of experience, but we can always learn from one another!”
  • Teacher Amanda: “I am brand new and LOVE workshops. I have taken like 15 in the last 7 days. I love them because it is really helping me to understand VIPKid better, the platform, what parents are looking for, how to write feedback, and how to engage the students better. Workshops are great for teacher growth!”
  • Teacher Carol: “I’ve taken several workshops. I love them because you get a new perspective on how others approach teaching and problems you may encounter. I have learned an incredible amount from other teachers and find workshops enjoyable!”

If you’re a VIPKid teacher, visit your teacher portal’s resources to look at upcoming workshops.

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