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6 Habits That Should Stay in the Classroom

By VIPKid  |  November 10, 2016

It happens to everyone: we have too much fun in class. Habits are formed, mistakes are made, and we act like fools. Here is a list of classroom habits that probably should remain within the confines of a VIPKID classroom…

Number 1: Sound Effect High-fives

In class, I love making sounds to go with high fives. My favorite is the rocket, with a ’swish’ -> ’poww’ kind of muffled explosion. It can be strung into a combo of 3 or 4 high fives, too. The kids love it! And they do it better than me. My friends at home don’t seem to get it, though.

Number 2: Goodbye Songs

After finishing class with a riveting edition of the ‘Goodbye Song’ to the tune of ‘Row Row Row Your Boat,’ I may walk around my dorm still singing. I get some funny looks, but it probably stems less from the fact that I’m singing a children’s song, and more from the questionable sanity of using different words.

Number 3: Stuffed Animal impersonations

You know when you were younger and you loved to do funny voices for everything? Well, be on your guard, because this habit comes back as you have more and more fun using animal props in lessons. I’m considering applying for a job as a puppeteer at the zoo pretty soon.

Number 4: Being Overly-Enthusiastic About Everything

This one could actually be a good habit. A positive attitude is contagious, and it can help brighten yours or someone else’s day. Still, I try not to congratulate myself with cheers when I get a bad grade, and definitely don’t do it when it’s someone else’s grade.

Number 5: ‘Wooooo!!’ When You Get the Right Answer

Again, the enthusiasm is contagious. Students love shouting ‘Wooooo!!’ and raising their hands in triumph during class. I want to start doing it in my university lectures.

Number 6: Drawing Smiley Faces on Everything

From the VIPKID whiteboard to my notes, everything looks much happier. And my texts have seen an increase in emoji usage. 😀

So, what crazy habits have you developed through teaching with VIPKID?

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By Henry Woodburn

Henry has been teaching with VIPKID since November 2014. He is from Richmond, VA, USA, an old, southern city with some mean Virginia barbecue.

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