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What’s your Style of Teaching? (Quiz)

By VIPKid  |  September 2, 2020

Every teacher has their own unique teaching style, which can be adjusted to the needs of individual students. It’s also normal to mix some traditional teaching styles with each other to create your own unique teaching style.  Teaching styles are really important to make sure students can understand and retain the content taught.

The idea is that every style of teaching falls more or less into one of these 5 buckets, and, of course, there is a variation from teacher-to-teacher. Let’s get into it and find out what’s your teaching style!


First thing’s first, how do you like your coffee?

How do you feel about lecture-style teaching?

When it comes to teaching, describe yourself in one word.

How do you prepare your lessons?

Students learn best when...

If you could, which famous person would you grab a cup of coffee with?

Your student is having trouble concentrating, what do you do?

Are you more empathic or confident in a classroom?

When in a conversation, you often find yourself listening more than you speak.

What’s your Style of Teaching? (Quiz)
Lecture Style Teaching

Dino's mom waving in front of a pink background with text shown above "Lecture style."

Shall we call you Professor? You are the type of teacher that really enjoys talking to students in spacious, lecture halls where they listen and take notes. You love giving students clear guidelines and expectations. This is a popular method in higher education institutions due to the low level of interactions and the one-way discussion.
Coach Teaching Approach

The PowerPoint clicker is never too far from your fingers. Unlike the authoritarian (lecture) style, this approach has you more like a coach. You are the type of teacher that gravitates towards using multimedia presentations, class activities, and demonstrations to enrich the learning experience. This approach is best suited for subjects such as arts, music, and mathematics.
Activity Style of Teaching

“Have a little faith in me”...actually, you have a lot of trust in your students. You work more like a moderator or facilitator, encouraging students to self-learn. You typically introduce a concept/lesson and let students hone their critical thinking. This means that they should develop problem-solving skills which should lead them to a much deeper understanding of the assignment.
Group Teaching Methods

“Time to break out into groups!” This is probably a phrase you’re all too familiar with and enjoy. This method inspires learners to work together and achieve common goals. You know that collaboration is important and you’re just trying to prepare your students for the future. Acting more like a delegator or consultant while students huddle together is how you prefer to teach.
Integrated Teaching Style

Adaptable should be your middle name. You’re the type of teacher that rolls with the punches and full of energy. You’re always switching it up between all the different teaching methods. You believe the main role of any teacher is to empower students and adapt on individual needs. This combined approach unites the teacher’s personality and interests with the needs of the students. Be cautious of spreading yourself too thin trying to meet tailor your style to every child.

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