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How Much Does VIPKid Pay?

By VIPKid  |  February 11, 2020

No mincing words with this one. Sometimes the bottom line is a question of, is it worth it? And that’s totally fine. Even teachers, the world’s selfless and devoted educators, need to put food on the table. So, how do you find work from home jobs? And what’s the deal with making money through online teaching with VIPKid?

Let’s start with the Base Pay

$7-$9 (per 25-minute class)

Now’s the time to call up your old neighbor and thank her for letting you babysit her five-year-old back in the day. Why? Because all those hours you spent pulling play dough out of your hair and scrubbing crayon off the walls have just secured your great base pay with VIPKid. That’s right: VIPKid assigns new teachers a base payment per class that is calibrated using several factors, including tutoring, camp counseling and – you guessed it, babysitting kids! Other factors include your first interview, as well as your qualifications: be this a teaching degree or diploma, TEFL, teaching license or TESOL certification. Come the end of your application interview, and you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll be paid. But remember this is base pay, meaning it’s the very minimum. 

Ok, so what about your required commitment?

Unlike many online ESL companies, VIPKid has no lesson planning or homework requirements for its teachers. All you have to do is log in on time and teach. Factor in the time that you save on not having to do any of this and you’re left with more work hours in a day to teach, attend to other income streams or, joy upon joy, get on with your life. Don’t believe us? Run a quick comparison between your previous teaching load at a traditional school and factor in the hours upon hours of unpaid marking and lesson preparation that were part of your old job description. What we’re getting at is your commitment is pretty much up to you. Want more money? Teach more. Want more downtime? Teach less. Easy. 

And if you’re really ambitious, VIPKid’s referral initiatives can net you hundreds of dollars per month on top of all that. Time to sign up right? Finding the right work from home job has never been easier.

*Stay tuned to this blog post’s next update in April 2020*

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