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VIPKid’s Classroom Makeover Contest

By VIPKid  |  December 24, 2019

Win the classroom makeover contest worth at least $500!

It might be a simple table and chair in the corner of the living room. A painstakingly decorated wall that would leave Banksy in awe. Or a repurposed closet under the stairs à la pre-Hogwarts Harry. But whatever shape, form or style your online classroom takes, it’s something special to you.

For 25 magical minutes at a time, that little nook, cranny, or mountain of props, transports you and your students to a different world. A place where dreams are shared and anything is possible. That’s why we wanted to do something extra special for your online classroom, so you can let it shine in all the ways you’ve always wanted.

Introducing the Classroom Makeover Contest, where your classroom stands a chance to win a $500 makeover!

Interested? Of course, you are!

How it works:

Entering the competition is easy, all you need to do is submit a photo of your current classroom, as well as share your most inspirational VIPKid moment. This is where you can really impress us and stand out from the crowd! 

We will then select 10-20 initial winners (phase 1) who will advance into the next round. Those teachers will be asked to provide a short 1-minute video highlighting the areas in their current classroom they would like to improve. Based on the videos, we will select two winning teachers to receive their classroom makeovers! Oh, and did we mention, we’ll be stopping by to help? 

Key dates:

Submission deadline January 7, 2020

Phase 1 winners announced January 15, 2020

Final winners announced February 2, 2020

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the contest! We love our teachers and we love to support the entire VIPKid community. To find out more information, and to enter, head to the Classroom Makeover Competition page here

*Stay tuned to this blog for updates or head to the homepage for other related articles.

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