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The Classroom on Four Wheels

By VIPKid  |  August 5, 2018

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Meet Teacher Holly. She teaches in San Antonio, Texas…did we mention from her RV?


Tell us a bit about where you teach

I teach from the driver’s seat of my RV. It turns around to face the interior of the RV.

There is a privacy curtain that covers the windshield behind me, and my backdrop is pinned to that curtain. I experimented with a bunch of different backdrops and it seems that my fabric map is the lightest, easiest one to manage.

I just draw back the curtain when I am not teaching. My computer is set up on a TV tray in front of me, and the lights are attached to the cabinets.


How did you get started as a VIPKid teacher?

I heard about VIPKid in a forum for RVer’s who travel full time. Teaching from my RV, anywhere in the USA, seemed like a perfect match for me! I would be able to see the country and experience new things while also getting to meet new friends in China.  I am also enrolled in a Master’s Degree program.

I would never be able to travel, work, and go to school without VIPKid!


What do you love most about your classroom?

My classroom is bright and cheerful. The map I have behind me is perfect for showing my students how I am moving around America.

I love that my classroom goes with me. I can teach from anywhere, but my regular students get to feel like they are in a familiar place.  As a bonus, I can quickly put my whole classroom away when heading out for an adventure.


What’s one thing the whole world should know about San Antonio?

San Antonio is an extremely friendly city! People are very welcoming.

San Antonio has wonderful restaurants, beautiful bike riding paths, amazing parks, and a lot of history for visitors and residents to enjoy.


Do you have any advice for VIPKid teachers who want to teach from an RV and travel?

If you are going to travel, it is a good idea to have a wifi booster and 2 internet providers.

You never know where you will be staying and which provider will have coverage in that area. I am so grateful to VIPKid for giving me the opportunity to travel and still work full time.

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