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Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

By VIPKid  |  May 5, 2020

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Become a Teacher

We would like to show our sincere gratitude to the hard-working teachers on the VIPKid platform this Teacher Appreciation Week. We know it’s not easy burning the midnight oil or waking up before the sun breaks. But the early bird catches the worm and we appreciate you! 




The Dino Video Conference Background

We’re not done celebrating you just yet. We know that distance learning and working remote are part of your forte. But staying inside doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the great outdoors with Dino! The team wanted you to be able to spruce up your virtual workspace with some VIPKid pride.

Whether it’s for your next WFH call or virtual happy hour, download this exclusive Mother’s Day background for your next onscreen debut. 

Yellow alien creature holds blue present wrapped in gold ribbon running across a flowery field to his mother and sister.
Download here

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Top 10 Items for Online Classrooms

Are you trying to find the top things a teacher should have in their online classroom? We’ve got you covered! Read here for the list!

An assortment of popular items used for online teaching.

Teacher Appreciation Week in 2020 runs from May 4-8, 2020. Don’t forget to #ThankATeacher and tag us on social with @theVIPKidlife!

If you know someone who would enjoy teaching on VIPKid, refer them!

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