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VIPKid Referral Program

By VIPKid  |  March 26, 2020

Ready to start teaching English online?

Teach with VIPKid

Have you heard about VIPKid’s Referral Program? If you’ve been teaching with VIPKid, and really love it, you have an opportunity to share the experience with your friends and family (and make a little extra cash)!

VIPKid connects more than half a million students with over 100,000 teachers all working towards building a global online classroom and making money doing it. We have found that the best teachers come from, well, referrals from other teachers! We all know someone that would be a great online teacher, but how does the referral process work?

The Referral Process

Referring friends is super simple. Let’s break it down…

  1. Identify potential teachers among your personal network. But just who is qualified?
  • To teach with VIPKid all you need is: 
    • A Bachelor’s degree 
    • Legal eligibility to work in the US or Canada, 
    • Two years of experience working with children (this could be in the traditional classroom, teaching a dance class, or even working as a nanny).
  1. Head over to the Referral Center to obtain your personalized referral link.
    Not a teacher yet? Sign up to get started!
  2. Share your referral code or link with potential teachers via email, text, or even the referral center’s built-in email tool. Not sure of what to say?
  • Here are some great ways you can start the conversation:
    • Share your own experience teaching with VIPKid and ask them if they’re interested in learning more. 
    • Let them know why you think they would be an amazing VIPKid teacher.
    • Show them the benefits of working with VIPKid, such as flexible scheduling, ability to work from home (or anywhere!), minimal lesson planning, and pay.
  1. Support your referrals through the process. You can do this by tracking their status via the Referral Tracker. The tracker will allow you to follow along on their progress through the interviewing process. Support can be anything from coaching, giving tips and tricks, or just sending some words of encouragement. 
  2. Once the person you referred teaches their first class, you’ll receive your referral bonus!

Referring others can sound daunting, but it’s as simple as telling your friends and family about your great experience with VIPKid! Whether it’s someone looking for remote work, or just to make money online with a cool side hustle, we love growing our teacher community and welcoming new people into it daily. Come join us on our mission to inspire and empower every child for the future. 

Interested in teaching with VIPKid? Sign up here.

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