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7 Best Perks of Teaching Online From Home

By VIPKid  |  October 3, 2019

Teaching online is the most exciting work opportunity for teachers this century. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Well actually it is an opinion, but here’s why we think it’s a well-founded one, and why if you’re not already teaching English online it may be time to seriously consider it:

1. It’s just so simple (and who doesn’t like simple)

Getting your ESL career off the ground is easy, quick, and inexpensive. All you really need is a quiet, interruption-free zone to teach from, a computer, and a stable internet connection. Pair that with a solid mic and some decent lighting, and you’re already halfway there. The other half is, of course, actually teaching. But when it comes to your basic set-up, the most complicated tasks you’ll be undertaking are decorating your classroom, and maybe setting up a barricade to keep Mr. Whiskers from participating when he’s least wanted.

2. You get to live your best (teaching) life

Enter the world of online teaching and let the “real” world take a back seat. For those precious 25-minutes or so, it’s just you and your student, uninterrupted. None of those back row antics to deal with, or paper plane sieges, or the occasional student popping their head into the classroom because they’re late/lost/confused or a combination of all three. Online ESL teaching is a dream job for teachers who really love to just, teach. Getting paid to teach in a distraction-free environment? If there were only one reason to teach online, this would be it.

3. Earn your worth (which can be $15- $22 an hour!)

Online ESL teaching is a game-changer for teachers’ earning potential. You control the number of classes and students that you take on, which means you control your income and finances. All too often, teachers choose to educate at the expense of a reasonable income. But teaching online means making anywhere from $15-$22 per hour, and presents all sorts of new opportunities for educators. The other consideration is vacation. Instead of tightening your belt buckle during periods of unpaid vacation, online teaching means you’re able to cash in on all the summer programs that ESL learners love to take. Now add the opportunities to make money through referring and other supplementary activities, and you’ve got yourself a sustainable opportunity. From home!

4. More experience equals more opportunity

While prior ESL experience is an advantage for finding students and bookings online, the more you teach, the more you bolster your online recognition too. Students will come to love your classes (and you), and your online ratings will have a ripple effect on your visibility and attractiveness. Soon you’ll have no trouble filling your schedule with as many classes as you can teach! Remember that your pool of opportunity is not the 30+ slightly bored students dragging themselves to class every day, but rather the literal millions of eager second language learners around the world!

5. Speaking of which…you’re already in serious demand

Demand for English teachers is currently at an all-time high in countries such as China, right now. This is more than just a perk, it’s almost a guarantee. It means that making money from the comfort of your own home (yet another perk we’ll get to in a minute) is not a pipe dream waiting to happen, but an existing opportunity waiting for you to take hold of. If you’re qualified to teach and have WiFi, the only reason you won’t be getting paid to teach online is because you’re watching Netflix instead. Time to get involved.

6. Home is where the… classroom is

Those days of writing exasperating requests for classroom supplies and begging your principal to increase the teacher’s budget are done. You are the principal. Your home is the school. And the possibilities are endless! You’ve got access to everything need (fridge included), and working from home carries the added benefit of being able to take care of your job and your family, from the same place! Just think about that for a second. If your child is homesick, or an ailing parent requires constant care, you’re actually able to provide for them, without sacrificing your income.

7. A casual dress code, all day, every day

There are not many jobs in the world where wearing toe dividers while at your desk won’t attract a few frowns and probably a visit from HR. But online teaching is a world of its own. You’re teaching from the comfort of your own home, and comfort is key. Pajamas from the waist down? No worries. Feet in a foot spa while you teach? That’s using your head! Earning money online while making no sacrifices in the realm of comfort is exactly why it’s such an appealing opportunity.

Feeling a little more convinced? Teaching ESL online, as remote part-time work, or even as a full-time hustle presents more than just a novel new way to teach. It is a revolution in online learning where the benefits are plentiful. 

Not a teacher yet? Sign up and start earning $15-22 today!

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