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6 Free Dino Printable Coloring Pages

By VIPKid  |  April 7, 2020

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Who says coloring is exclusively for kids?! Our art team drew up (literally) some VIPKid themed-coloring pages for teachers and, frankly, anyone they want to share it with. That includes your child/student, and from what we’ve heard, it’s a great activity for “art class,” which works well during distance learning. It’s also a perfect excuse to spark curiosity and connect with creativity.  

For the adults, if you need some de-stressing, Dino’s got you covered. Researchers and art therapists have claimed there are relaxing benefits. You can move through the next couple of minutes with a calm and peaceful mind. Print, color, and share!

Download these free printable coloring sheets:

Dino splashing into some fun. 

dino scuba diving next to whale and puffer fish
Download here
Dino wearing an inner tube floating near a sea otter holding a crab
Download here

Get your bags packed Dino! We’re going abroad.

Dino sliding into a lake near a penguin
Download here
Dino driving a jeep passing a mountain range
Download here

Dino is soaring to new heights!

Dino flying an airplane in the sky with balloons attached to the plane.
Download here
dino in a hot air ballon
Download here

Feel free to share your masterpiece on any VIPKid social, tag us and use #VIPKidLife! You can also share it with other teachers here on this VIPKid group! 

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