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Is VIPKid a Legitimate Company?

By VIPKid  |  January 7, 2020

Is VIPKid a legitimate company? Yes.

So this is kinda awkward, considering that we’re the ones writing this article. Instead of answering the question with a simple ‘yes’ (which would make this more of a Tweet than a blog really), we thought a deeper dive into the question of legitimacy would be fun. As a new, internet-based company in an industry that is only recently becoming part of the mainstream, all sorts of questions have been thrown our way, so let’s look at a few of them one by one.

Has VIPKid really grown so exceptionally fast?

We have indeed. In a five year period, VIPKid has gone from founder and CEO Cindy Mi’s extramural language school in China to a multibillion-dollar company providing a link between North American language teachers and students in China. In less than a decade, VIPKid quickly emerged as a market leader in online one-to-one ESL education, and shows no signs of slowing down. Watch.

How many people actually teach with VIPKid?

Over 100,000. Really.

Have billions of dollars been invested into VIPKid?

Billions is a big word. But (queue Dr. Evil pinky finger here) hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested into VIPKid across multiple funding rounds to help achieve the ambitious objectives set out. Global investment firms such as Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital, Coatue Management, Tencent, Yunfeng Capital, Sinovation Ventures and Learn Capital, are just a few of the names that have helped us go from a single teacher in 2014, to 100,000 teachers today.

How many students does VIPKid have?

VIPKid teachers facilitate, on average, around 180,000 classes per day for over 700,000 children actively learning on the platform. We agree, that’s a whole lot of kids. To put it in perspective, it’s around 1400 regular school’s worth of children.

How can we trust VIPKid is what it says it is?

We’ll admit, an article written by VIPKid about VIPKid’s legitimacy isn’t exactly the most objective source. So how about turning to some of the world’s authorities on the matter, like Forbes and Glassdoor. Glassdoor just awarded VIPKid ninth place in its Employee’s Choice Awards, which recognizes the best places to work in 2020, while Flexjobs, which focuses on remote work careers, awarded VIPKid third place in its yearly list of the ‘100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2019’. VIPKid has also consistently been listed on Forbes as a top remote company to work for, never mind being praised as a beacon of empowerment in the education industry, and being one of BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands according to a report released by WPP and Kantar.

Like Apple, Microsoft and every other game-changing company in tech and education history, VIPKid had a small start. You’d probably be shocked to find out that our founder and CEO, Cindy Mi, began the company as a high school dropout who followed her uncle to build a brick and mortar school in Beijing. Not one to be limited by circumstance, Mi saw the opportunity to use technology to pair fluent English speakers with the Chinese children she was teaching, who, she has said, were hungry to learn English. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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