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Montessori education was originally developed by Italian physician Dr. Maria Montessori after extensive research with special needs children in the early 1900s. Since then, this method has spread, with over 20,000 schools around the world. But what does Montessori education look like in practice and how does this now look as teachers are interacting with […]

If you've never tried teaching English online, there's no need to worry. So how does VIPKid work, exactly? Here's the quick guide to VIPKid.

What's your teaching style? There are about 5 different methods to accommodate students. Get your results in this personality quiz!

Work when and where you want. Start today.

Professional development goals are crucial for any profession, and teachers are no exception. Here are 11 tips to improve as a teacher.

“You all are uniquely positioned during this new era of online education, helping to lead it forward with your experience.” Cindy Mi, VIPKid founder and CEO Earlier this month, more than 3,000 VIPKid teachers, staff and education thought leaders fired up their computers to tune in for VIPKid’s first ever virtual Journey Conference. The theme […]

The Teaching Essentials Blog Series looks at some tools-of-the-trade for online ESL instruction. We explore a few key concepts that's easy for any new ESL teacher.

Cindy Mi was named EdTech CEO of the Year by the 2020 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. Get a fuller picture of this entrepreneur and what motivates her daily.

Teaching online is the most exciting at home job opportunities. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Read why virtual online teaching is where the fun's at.

VIPKid has created a breakdown of resources and tools to help you develop a teaching style that will work for any age group.

Get a little creative with a shoe-string budget, and have your online classroom in tip-top shape when having to work from home to teach online.

Teacher Dashia shares how she went from teaching Zumba to teaching English online with VIPKid while juggling being a mother of two.

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