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Each day our VIPKid teachers log in and help shape an educational journey for thousands of VIPKid students. Their mentorship and connections with their students inspires us to continue to make VIPKid the leader in online education. We’ve recently been looking into our favorite inspirational quotes about teaching, but we’d also love to hear what […]

Teacher Dashia shares how she went from teaching Zumba to teaching English online with VIPKid while juggling being a mother of two.

The Teaching Essentials Blog Series looks at some tools-of-the-trade for online ESL instruction. We explore a few key concepts that's easy for any new ESL teacher.

Work when and where you want. Earn $14-$22/hr.

Professional development goals are crucial for any profession, and teachers are no exception. Here are 11 tips to improve as a teacher.

The very first teacher to teach on the VIPKID platform shares her experience. What challenges came with teaching online and how translation can get messy.

VIPKid was named one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators by Fast Company. The U.S. HR Director shares how the company was able to gain recognition for encouraging and cultivating big ideas.

We’ve compiled our top 4 confidence-building tips to help chill your nerves and get you feeling your most savvy in front of the camera when teaching online.

It's common for English-language learners (ELL) and ESL students to go through the "Silent Period." Understanding the phase and methods to deal with it.

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